Mama Omega-3s


Mama Omega-3s

Our Omegas are sourced from the protected Herring Roe Egg which is designed by Nature.

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For Mama:
MotherBees Mama Omega-3s supports memory, mental clarity, balanced mood, restorative sleep, and enhances the quality of breastmilk. Omegas also support conception for both women and men, a healthy pregnancy, and a vibrant First Forty Days.

For Baby:
When taken during pregnancy and throughout The First Forty Days, MotherBees Mama Omega-3s supports baby’s brain and spinal cord development, retina function, and a healthy nervous system.

Expected to ship mid December.


Sourced from: MSC-Certified Norweigian Fisheries Organic Ingredients: no
Available: Nationwide Shipping

Omega Highlights:
• Our Omegas comes from the roe (Herring egg) which is protected and not from the belly of the fish, which most omega oils and supplements are from. Therefore our omegas are designed by Nature, (which is strictly regulated) from the egg and not dependent on what the fish consumes. †
• Clean Arctic Ocean for Omega-3 Phospholipids and Phosphatidycholine †
• Natural Source of Choline, a Neurotransmitter Precursor †
• DHA Supports Baby’s Brain, Eyes, and Nervous System Development †
• Choline for Brain and Spinal Cord Development †
• DHA & Choline Support Mama’s Mood & Cognitive Health †
• DHA Supplementation Enhances Breast Milk Quality †
• Higher bioavailability when compared with fish oils †
• Antioxidants (naturally rich of antioxidant fatty molecules typically present in eggs and vitamin D) †

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

"During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the research-backed benefits of the omega-3s EPA and DHA include supporting the healthy development of the fetal brain, eye, and nervous system, healthy birth weight and gestational length, healthy immune system development, positive mood and well-being in mothers, and attention and focus in infants and children.” American Pregnancy Association

• Sustainably Harvested MSC-Certified
• Norwegian Fisheries
• Vanilla flavor
• No fishy aftertaste
• Start as you prep for conception (women and men), pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and beyond

Why SENA loves it

Heng Ou began Motherbees to teach women how to nourish and heal their bodies so that they can bring themselves fully to the raising of their families. As the author of The First Forty Days, Heng poured her knowledge of the forgotten art of caring for a new mother into its pages and has been a necessary resource for all mothers ever since. The First Forty Days illustrates the Chinese practice of zuo yuezi—a period of postpartum confinement in which a woman remains at home focusing on healing and bonding with her baby - as well as provides simple recipes to truly nourish the mother through the power of food. She has also crafted the best supplements for healing with her Jujubes and Mama Omega-3s.

As a mother herself, Brittany understands the importance of not only bonding with your new babe, but also in practicing self-care. A Mother is the heart of her family and her health and strength only creates a stronger and more healthy family.

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