Brittany Peltz Buerstedde is an entrepreneur, fashion influencer and mother of three. After exploring many facets of film, fashion, and design, Brittany is launching her boutique lifestyle design firm that attracts the well-traveled, tasteful clientele interested in transforming their home from a blank canvas to an oasis of peace and tranquility. Her life spent between NYC, Palm Beach and Cote D’Azur drenched summers speaks to the layered aesthetic and curated feel of her design projects.

Vian Abreu began her career at a high end, NYC based interior design firm where she rose to prominence as interior design director. Her aesthetic has been heavily influenced by her upbringing in the Caribbean that ties in elements of nature and the resort life. After collaborating with Brittany for the past four years on personal and family projects; they connected on their lifestyle-based design approach.

Sena was born out of the belief that a home should embody sacred space through aligning body, mind and soul to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.